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My sex visit of Warsaw

During my visit to Warsaw, I used to stay in hotel near V.T. Near my hotel after 5.00 p.m. many whores are frequenting this area. I do not get attracted to them as they are dark and ugly but near V.T. station, was one woman who was sitting, smoking a cigarette and smiling at all the men passing by. Her boobs were big and she was 35 years. I approached her and asked her, “KITNA?” (how much) to which she told me Rs. 200.00 for 1 hour. I am afraid of V.D and AIDS so I told her to shake my cock and how much. She said, “Rs. 200.00 mera swaad lo. Chodna hai chodo, hilana hai hilao, choosna hai chooso, jo karna hai, karo, ek ghanta me mauj karo.” I asked her name, she said Zeenat. I asked “Rs. 200.00 mein hotel kaun bharega?” Zeenat replied, “Raja, yeh package hai, main sub kuch tere liye bharoongi, to sirf mere saath chal.” I made one condition that I will strip Zeenat and that she will be continuously smoking while I strip her and fuck her as smoking whores and women turn me on. Her dialogues turned me on.

I also saw one shemale hearing our discussions about sex in Warsaw. The shemale was wheatish complexion and as soon as I looked at her she shook her boobs and winked at me. I asked Zeenat to negotiate with the shemale and that the shemale (Lata) will fuck her with me. Zeenat agreed and asked shemale who was her friend as well. Zeenat told me that for services for her and Lata I will have to shell out Rs. 350.00 only for 2 hours enjoyment. Both the whores asked me to follow them to the hotel. I was walking behind, careful that someone who knows me should not be able to see me.

I reached the hotel and Zeenat and Lata started to strip and I stopped them immediately. Then I asked Zeenat to light her cigarette. She light her cigarette and sat on the bed with her legs open. I went to her, unbuttoned her blouse buttons which were in the front. ZONG, came out her big boobs and straight went into my mouth. I sucked her delicious boobs and teased her nipples. Zeenat cried, “Aur chooso, bhadva aur andar mooh mein daal.” I went on teasing her nipples which became erect. She started to remove her saree then I twisted her arm and told her, “Bhadvi, mein tere kapde utaroonga”, jab mujhe chahiye.” She started pressing my cock but I did not allow her to remove my pant. I then removed her complete saree. Bloody bitch was not wearing any underwear. I wanted to remove her underwear. I stuck my finger in her pussy. She begged me to remove my pant. I told Lata to remove my pant, underwear and unbutton my shirt. Lata with whory and teasing looks, inviting looks obeyed my command. I told Lata to perform striptease and remove her clothes. With inviting looks Lata removed her saree, removed her blouse, sucked her tits, squeezed her tits, winked at me and then removed her petticoat with lot of nakha andaaz.