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My face was fully submerged in an ocean of meat

I’ve been married for the past 2 years to Neela, a very pretty and shy girl, who used to live in the same neighbourhood in Amsterdam sex. Although shy by nature, it sure was a pleasant surprise for me to find out after marriage that she has a never-ending appetite for sex, which ensured that we end up having it at least 10 times a week; and 2 years after marriage, we’re still going great guns. But hey…. this story isn’t at all about myself and my wife, is it ? Some months after our marriage, I sold off my house in Amsterdam and shifted to the city of Pune. The only relative that we left behind in Amsterdam was Neela’s mother, i.e. my mother-in-law, who had been widowed 12 years ago. And she, my friends, is the heroine of this story - Salima. Although it’s not considered polite in the Indian culture to refer to your parents-in-law by their first names, looking at the extent to which I’ve got close to my mother-in-law by now (as you’re soon going to find out), you’ll agree that the word TABOO doesn’t exist in my dictionary anymore.

Although I’m presently running my business from Pune, I still have to travel to Amsterdam quite often for business purpose. And since my mother-in-law still lives there (all alone), I prefer living at her house whenever I’m in Amsterdam, instead of spending money on hotels. My wife is also happy to accompany me on my trips sometimes, so that she also gets to be with her mother from time to time, although she doesn’t do that every time.

This happened (or rather, started) during one such trip to Amsterdam, when I was traveling alone, and was required to remain there for 5 full days. Whenever in Amsterdam, it’s my regular routine to finish all business matters by 6:00 in the evening, then to come back home, freshen up, and then to go out with some old friends for a couple of drinks, then to get back home, take a light dinner, and then straight to bed. At this point, I must also tell you about another routine, which I and my wife enjoy whenever we’re together. Before going to bed at night, we both like to take a hot shower (sometimes together), dry ourselves, which is followed by a special ritual: My wife makes me sit on the bed, and then brings some fragrant talcum powder (usually, lavender - the most exotic fragrance of them all). She sprinkles it all over my naked body, and then spreads it over my body with her loving soft hands. She almost massages the powder into my skin, using not only the palms of her hands, but eventually her feet and breasts, too. After this, I take over. I use my strong and sturdy hands to give her the same powder massage, caressing and fondling with her whole body - especially her well rounded breasts and her soft and full ass. Needless to say, this fondling and caressing ultimately results in such great arousal in both of us, we end up having some fabulous sex every night. Well, I don’t know about it’s benefits in terms of aromatherapy, but this sure works as a great foreplay for the both of us.